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What's a world, you ask? The HBD universe is comprised of worlds with 32 franchises each. Worlds never collide, meaning each is unique with its own set of players, records, etc. When a season of HBD concludes, the world rolls over to the next season.

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Active Worlds
World Season Blog Private Commissioner Days Rem. Status
Aaron 35 View No 41 Simulating Regular Season Games
Clemens* 29 -- Yes nasboat 12 Simulating Regular Season Games
Cool Papa Bell 26 View Yes aheffner 49 Simulating Regular Season Games
Cooperstown 34 View Yes MikeT23 57 Simulating Regular Season Games
Dirt 31 View Yes slurie2001 86 Season Rollover -- Approved Users
Erffdogg Memorial League 35 View Yes wholck 85 Handling Retirements
Hot Stove 30 View Yes bfkfraser 48 Simulating Regular Season Games
Lasorda 34 View Yes dafood 85 Free-Agent/Coach Negotiations
Ruth 36 View No 27 Simulating Regular Season Games
World Cody 2 -- No 86 Season Rollover

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