Page : Player Statistics Glossary
Location : General
2B Doubles
3B Triples
AB At-Bats
AVG Batting Average
BB Walks
BH Bunt Hits
CS Caught Stealing
G Games Played
GB/FB Groundball to Flyball Ratio
GIDP Grounded Into Double Plays
H Hits
HBP Hit By Pitch
HR Home Runs
IBB Intentional Walks
IFH Infield Hits
ISO Isolated Power
L STRK Longest Hitting Streak
NP Number of Pitches Seen
NPT Number of Pitches Taken
NP/PA Number of Pitches Seen per Plate Appearance
OBP On-Base Percentage
OPS On-Base Plus Slugging Percentage
PA Plate Appearances
PH Pinch-Hits
PH AB Pinch-Hit At-Bats
RBI Runs Batted In
RC Runs Created
RC 27 Runs Created per 27 Outs
RS Runs Scored
SB Stolen Bases
SecA Secondary Average
SF Sacrifice Flies
SH Sacrifice Hits
SLG Slugging Percentage
SO Strike Outs
STRK Current Hitting Streak
A Assists
CERA Catcher Earned Run Average
CS Runners Caught Stealing
CS% Runners Caught Stealing Percentage
DP Double Plays
E Errors
FPct Fielding Percentage
GP Games Played
GS Games Started
Inn Innings Played
PB Passed Balls
PK Pickoffs
PO Putouts
RF Range Factor
SBA Stolen Base Attempts Against
BB Walks Allowed
BB/9 Walks Allowed per 9 Innings Pitched
BFP Batters Faced
BK Balks
CG Complete Games
ER Earned Runs Allowed
ERA Earned Run Average
ERC Component Earned Run Average
G Games Pitched
GB/FB Groundball to Flyball Ratio
GIDP Batters Grounded into Double Plays
GS Games Started
H Hits Allowed
HBP Batters Hit By Pitch
HR Home Runs Allowed
IBB Intentional Walks Allowed
IP Innings Pitched
IR Inherited Runners
IRS Inherited Runners Scored
L Losses
NP Number of Pitches Thrown
NP/G Number of Pitches Thrown per Game
NP/PA Number of Pitches Thrown per Plate Appearance
OAV Batting Average Allowed
OBP On-Base Percentage Allowed
QS Quality Starts
R Runs Allowed
SHO Shutouts
SLG Slugging Percentage Allowed
SO Strikeouts
SO/9 Strikeouts per 9 Innings Pitched
SO/BB Strikeout-to-Walk Ratio
SV Saves
SVO Save Opportunities
W Wins
WHIP Walks + Hits Allowed per Inning Pitched
WP Wild Pitches Thrown