User Interview: oldman, lwbraun and zedonk From image

User Interview: oldman, lwbraun and zedonk

Q&A with oldman, lwbraun and zedonk

The political world has the Bushes. The Walton family's domain is business. In the NFL, the Mannings and Matthews are the highest nobility. But in Hoops Dynasty, there may be no more successful family than oldman and his two sons, lwbraun and zedonk. The trio have combined for 48 HD championships and have played a collective 789 seasons.

Oldman, lwbraun and zedonk discuss which of the three is the best coach and recruiter, and touch on their burgeoning Hardball Dynasty careers.

Hoops Dynasty Overall Records
User Seasons Record Conf. Chmp. NT Chmp.
oldman2145,281-1,410 (.789)11418
lwbraun1915,003-1,057 (.826)13717
zedonk1733,674-1,568 (.701)683
oldman_sons2115,273-1,283 (.804)15210

Hoops Dynasty Active Teams
User World Current School Overall Record NT Record NT Chmp.
oldmanIbaColorado1,626-499 (.765)123-46 (.728)7
oldmanAllenNorth Carolina864-223 (.795)49-30 (.620)0
oldmanCrumMichigan St.1,710-393 (.813)146-54 (.730)8
lwbraunNaismithIllinois1,148-196 (.854)107-34 (.759)5
lwbraunIbaTexas A&M1,778-384 (.822)162-54 (.750)5
zedonkNaismithVirginia Tech868-293 (.748)45-34 (.570)0
zedonkIbaMichigan St.1,565-534 (.746)97-48 (.669)3
zedonkCrumVirginia Tech1,241-741 (.626)41-39 (.513)0
oldman_sonsWoodenNorth Florida2,069-278 (.882)159-67 (.704)4

Hardball Dynasty Overall Records
User Seasons Record Playoff Record Div. Titles Championships
oldman141,186-1,082 (.523)21-26 (.447)60
lwbraun171,531-1,223 (.556)24-40 (.375)40
zedonk594,601-4,957 (.481)65-68 (.489)121

WIS: Who is oldman?

oldman: Oldman is a 66 year old retired Project Engineer, who lives is the Greater Cincinnati area. I am married and have a daughter and 2 sons. I have been retired since 1997.

WIS: Who is lwbraun?

lwbraun: Lwbraun is a 27 year old that grew up and lives in the greater Cincinnati area and graduate of the University of Cincinnati Bearcats. I currently work as a civil engineer.

WIS: Who is zedonk?

zedonk: Zedonk is a 28 year old supervisor for the federal government with a background in finance and economics. I am a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats and Northern Kentucky Norse (alma mater) and Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds in baseball.

WIS: Who discovered WhatifSports first? How was it introduced to the others?

lwbraun: I discovered WIS back in 2002. I do not remember how I discovered Whatifsports (I must be getting old), but I remember starting with the SimMatchup to simulate games of old basketball teams. I then started with SimLeague Baseball and after a season or so, my dad and brother decided to join and play SimLeague Baseball.

WIS: Which of our games have you played? Which do you prefer?

oldman: I have played Sim Baseball, Sim Basketball, Sim Football, Hoops Dynasty, and Hardball Dynasty. Hoops Dynasty is definitely my favorite as it has become part of my daily life. I also enjoy Hardball Dynasty, but I am still trying to master the game.

lwbraun: I started out playing Simleague Baseball mainly and mixed in both SimLeague Basketball and Football. Once Hoops Dynasty started, we shortly joined under our oldman_sons username as a joint effort. After a couple of seasons we all split off and started my own teams and have been playing HD ever since. I also played gridiron for a little while and am now playing Hardball Dynasty, which I am really enjoying as a new challenge since HD has started to get a little stale.

zedonk: I have played Hoops Dynasty, Hardball Dynasty, SimLeague Baseball, SimLeague Basketball, SimLeague Football, and FC Dynasty. I have a slight preference for Hardball Dynasty over Hoops Dynasty.

WIS: What does "Mrs. oldman" think about your interest in Whatifsports?

oldman: Mrs. oldman (Barb) is very used to listening about WIS as she lives in the same household with the 3 of us. She thinks it is great that we have a common interest, and she roots for her sons to beat the "oldman" when we play each other.

WIS: What are some of your interests and hobbies?

oldman: I enjoy traveling (I have been to 47 Countries), gardening, birding (Barb and I are attempting to find all of the bird species in North America), genealogy, and Fantasy Sports.

lwbraun: I am a big sports fan and spend a lot of time watching football and basketball with the NBA being my favorite. We do a lot of traveling worldwide just for fun.

zedonk: I like to read (particularly fantasy and nonfiction based on history). I also enjoy traveling, playing video games, and watching sports, mostly college basketball and the NBA.

WIS: Which five people, past or present, sit at your dream roundtable discussion?


  • Alexander the Great - He achieved more by an early age than anyone in history
  • Cleopatra - First most powerful woman (she also had a big nose like me)
  • Oscar Robertson - My favorite sports idle
  • Clint Eastwood - My favorite actor and fantasy roles
  • Linda Ronstadt - My favorite singer and teenage crush

lwbraun: I would probably go with Genghis Khan, Archimedes, Jeff Van Gundy, Phil Jackson, and Alexander the Great.

zedonk: If I had a roundtable discussion, I would choose Mark Twain for his humor and writing, Nikola Tesla for his genius, Harry Houdini for his illusions and stunts, Jackie Robinson for his playing ability and to hear about his experiences, and Kurt Cobain for his musical mind.

Oscar Robertson Oscar Robertson is a popular figure in the oldman household.

WIS: Who are your favorite all-time players?

oldman: Oscar Robertson, Babe Ruth, Roger Bannister (I loved track and cross country), Bill Russell, and Johnny Unitas. All of these players were ahead of their time.

lwbraun: For some reason I always liked Mitch Richmond and Ivan Rodriguez when I was young. Some of my favorite players include Ed Cota, Justin Jackson (UC basketball player), and Oscar Robertson.

zedonk: My favorite players are Chipper Jones, Anthony Davis, Jose Rijo, Grant Hill, Dan O'Brien (decathlete), Willie Cauley-Stein, Tayshaun Prince, Willie Anderson, Drew Bledsoe, Cool Papa Bell, Lou Gehrig, and Buck Leonard.

I also have to say some of my favorite WIS players have been Clifford Green at Michigan State (all-time leading scorer, led me to a championship) and Zachary Braun at Chestnut Hill College (my name and a pass first, pass second, and pass third point guard). Favorite HBD player was Von Roberts for my Atlanta Major Duckies team. He always played well, but seemed to get hurt for 30 games each season. I always thought of him as my Atlanta's poor man Chipper Jones.

WIS: What is your favorite WIS moment?

oldman: I guess it would be winning 5 National Championship in 6 seasons at Michigan State in Crum. I doubt if I will ever do that again.

lwbraun: My favorite WIS moment was my first undefeated season in Hoops Dynasty at Illinois in the Naismith world. I had come close many times before so it was fun to finally do it.

zedonk: My favorite WIS moment is tough. I thought it may be my first Division I championship, but I have to say it is my first World Series win with Colorado in the mauer world. It took many seasons to get it and was the best offensive team I have ever had.

WIS: Of the three of you, who is the best Hoops Dynasty coach and why?

oldman: Oldman. In Lucas' (lwbraun) words "the only thing that matters is who wins the National Championship". Since I have won the most the honor goes to me. Also, since I am not the greatest recruiter, I often have to win with inferior teams.

lwbraun: The best game planner and team setup person would have to be oldman. As far as an overall coach and consistency, I would have to say myself (that is a modest answer). Even though I always seem to beat oldman in most regular season and conference tournament games, he definitely has my number in the tournament. My goal is always to have a legitimate chance to win a championship this year and for the most part I always feel like we are one of the top few teams.

zedonk: I think the best overall coach is close, but I give it to oldman. He has several championships with teams I never thought would make it to the Elite Eight. Lwbraun is quite good at it as well, given the number of championships he has, but he usually wins with top talent more often than oldman.

WIS: How about the best Hoops Dynasty recruiter?

oldman: I would say Lucas (lwbraun). He is not afraid to go anywhere to recruit, while I seem to take whatever players are available close to home.

lwbraun: I would have to say myself. Recruiting is by far the most fun part of the game for me especially at the Division I level. It is a big puzzle and math problem to me and I truly enjoy figuring out the best way to recruit. My plan and strategy changes from season to season as I have always felt the best way to recruit is to mix it up so that others can't figure out what you are doing. Every situation and season is different.

zedonk: Lwbraun is the best recruiter by far. He wins almost every high-end recruit he wants. I try to get the top players, but can't always win out against higher profile schools.

WIS: Who is the best at Hardball Dynasty?

oldman: That would be Zach (zedonk) as he made two World Series and won one.

lwbraun: I would say zedonk. He is the only one of us to win a world series yet. I feel like I have long way to go as the game seems to be by far the most in depth of games I have played. I spend most of my time looking at my baseball teams now instead of basketball.

zedonk: That would be me (zedonk). I have the only World Series win. I may not have the best record, but I have played many more seasons. I am also more likely to take over a rebuild job, which will hurt your win percentages.

WIS: You've won a collective 48 championships in Hoops Dynasty. To what do you credit your success? Any wisdom you care to pass along to the community?

oldman: All of us put quite a bit of time into the game and we are not afraid to experiment with different ideas. For example, my current Michigan State team only has 2 guards. Hopefully it turns out well. Also I would say never give up. It took me 47 seasons to win my first National Championship in Iba, and I have won 7 since. Don't be afraid to switch teams if it can make you better.

Peyton, Archie and Eli Manning Look out, Archie, Peyton and Eli. The First Family of HD is coming for you.

WIS: You all have teams at Division I in Iba and have collected a pile of national titles. Zedonk won with Iowa in season 32 and with Michigan State in seasons 53 and 56. Lwbraun won with Connecticut in season 50 and with Texas A&M in season 58, 69, 74. Oldman won with Arizona in seasons 57, 59, 61 and 63 and with Colorado in seasons 71, 75 and 76. Which of you has the best shot at cutting down the nets in season 77?

oldman: "The oldman" of course. I always believe I am going to win every Championship.

lwbraun: This is a difficult question this season. There are no overwhelming teams this year and more people seem to have a chance to win it all. Even though this is the worst team I've had at aTm in quite a while, I still wouldn't trade my team for anyone else's.

zedonk: I am going with lwbraun (Texas A&M). He has the best team this year and has beaten oldman (Colorado) and me (Michigan State) this season already. I think this will be the year he beats oldman in the National Tournament again.

WIS: Have there been any memorable postseason encounters among the three of you?

lwbraun: We have had many postseason encounters. We have had several championship games between myself and my dad and zedonk and our dad. My dad has won all of those. A couple of those have come down to the very end of the game and we usually watched the play by play together which is interesting. We are very competitive with each other. We have also played in the Final Four probably close to 10 or more times between the three of us. In Iba, we had a stretch where the 3 of us won four straight championships and had two of the four runner ups.

WIS: If you were to give one piece of advice to a new user, what would it be?

oldman: No detail is too small. There are so many close games that any detail could make the difference. Also don't waste money going after recruits you can't get. I guess that was two pieces of advice.

zedonk: I would say don't overstep your recruiting at the early levels. You are less likely to get a top 10 recruit at a C- Prestige than an A+ school is. Doing this can also help you with carryover for next season. Also, make sure you read the forums and FAQ for helpful hints.

WIS: What is your favorite aspect of Hoops Dynasty?

lwbraun: My favorite aspect is definitely Division I recruiting. As mentioned before, it is a big puzzle to me to figure out what everybody else is going to do and what is the optimum way to go about it from season to season.

WIS: Least favorite?

zedonk: There isn't much I don't enjoy about Hoops Dynasty. I have seen players low on the Draft Board or not listed go to the draft and others stay, partially due to the six player cap that a team can lose.

WIS: What is one feature you want to see implemented in a future update?

zedonk: I would love to see the Player Issue section come back. I don't remember what it was called, but it would be how you dealt with a player who was late to practice, etc. It would give the game a little more realism again and could change how recruits view you as a coach.

WIS: Who are the users you respect and/or enjoy the most?

oldman: That is a really hard question, since there are so many great coaches. In Iba I really enjoy the battles with zedonk, lwbraun, coachtilden, and stewdog as I always seem to be battling them in the NT. Also creilmann is one of the few successful coaches that has used the zone defense. I have always been afraid to use it as it seems inferior. In Crum and Allen, I am in the same league with both kelby_03 and acn24 and they both are great competitors and coaches. I would also have to give a thanks to lostmyth2, who I learned a lot from.

zedonk: I must start with oldman and lwbraun. I also enjoy majresorter, fd343ny, utahjazz88, taz21, l_eustachy, oldresorter, knappj, lakevin, roguedog, tlsfn, and elmossle for Hoops Dynasty. For Hardball, I have enjoyed playing with zzookeepp, bcalarco12, chadrader, mjdato, jamier2003 and aaronclarke. I know that I missed several other top coaches.

WIS: If you were in one of our games, what sport would you play, at what position, and what would you be rated?

oldman: Since WIS doesn't have ping pong or horseshoe, which are the only games that I am any good at, I would have to say a Div. III walk-on with about a 200 rating. I ran track and cross-country in high school, but couldn't make the freshman basketball team. I did play center in a 6 foot and under recreational league, so guess center would be my position. I think I will stick with the fantasy games.

lwbraun: Soccer was my best sport growing up, but I have not done much with FC dynasty to know how the ratings work. So I will go with basketball. I would be a 6'2" point guard. My ratings would be:

  • Ath:35
  • Sp: 40
  • R: 10
  • De: 40
  • Blk: 5
  • LP: 10
  • PE: 25
  • BH: 50
  • Pa: 50
  • WE: 70
  • St: 70
  • Du: 65
  • FT: A

zedonk: I have never been an athlete and quit playing basketball in middle school. However, I would have tried to walk-on to the UK Wildcats or NKU Norse, maybe as a student manager or statistician. I would be lucky to have about 200 - 250 rating and I guarantee my free throw rating would be F (or G if I can go lower).

WIS: We thank to oldman, lwbraun and zedonk for sharing with and the HD community.

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